About Us

Anyone who has being with a Border Collie knows that it is an exceptional breed, mixing functionality and beauty. At Bleu Perle Border Collies we are working in keeping these values, choosing our dogs bearing in mind their shape and work capacity. We cannot imagine a Border Collie being just a “photogenic dog”, a dog that, because of a wrong selection, has lost the values characterizing the breed: cleverness and shepherd instinct, this last feature being our main goal, keeping their instinct. We are aware that many of our puppies will not work as sheepdogs, but it is breeders’ responsibility to watch after this asset, making this breed unique. Unfortunately, flocks and extensive sheep breeding are disappearing and Border Collies will be more and more rarely used as sheepdogs. However, the number of amateurs of the sportive kind of this activity is increasing, and it is always great experience to see how our puppies, from the very beginning, pay attention to sheep. At Bleu Perle Border Collies we train our dogs as shepherds, in agility and Frisbee. Thus, we can see which specimens should produce the best puppies for each activity and give advice to the future owners about the right decision in choosing their puppy. The best way to see whether our puppy should work, as we want, is seeing how the parents do. Therefore, our aim is to breed functional dogs in all the activities, but always taking care their inner instincts, cleverness and work aptitudes, features making the Border Collies the most intelligent dogs in the world. Bearing in mind and respecting the efforts of people that allow us to enjoy this gorgeous breed today, and because of our ethic vis-à-vis the breed, at Bleu Perle Border Collies we are devoted to preserve and improve, as far as possible, this values. From this site, we want to support and thank the shepherds who have made of the Border Collies what they are nowadays: the cleverest dog in the world. We’ll always be ready to listen their advises and experiences, so we can learn from them and improve our practices.